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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America – Energy and Environment, Ltd.

The steam turbine technology for coal fired applications is characterized by a tailor made design approach in support of the needs of the North American coal fired power plant market, such as:

  • High unit capacities.
  • High steam pressures and temperatures.
  • 6-8 feedwater heaters.
  • Motor driven or turbine driven boiler feed pumps.
  • Wet surface condensers or air cooled condenser applications.
  • Partial turbine bypass systems.
  • Ability to extract large amounts of steam from the IP turbine exhaust in support of carbon capture applications.

Standard Steam Turbine Generator Features for Coal Fired Applications

Performance Range*:

  • Output Range:  200-1050 MW
  • Normal Back-pressure: 1.5 – 3.2 in Hga
  • Throttle Pressure: up to 4000 psia
  • Throttle Temperature: up to 1112 ºF
  • Hot Reheat Steam Temperature: up to 1150 ºF

* deviations from the performance range stated above are possible.

Steam Turbine Features:

  • Tandem compound, condensing turbines.
  • Stiff rotor design made of a single solid forging.
  • Double casing design with symmetric steam inlets.
  • Separate or combined high pressure and intermediate pressure casings.
  • Low pressure turbine casing(s) with single or double flow exhaust.
  • Last stage blade lengths up to 45 inches.
  • Ability to extract large amounts of process steam from the intermediate pressure turbine exhaust in support of carbon capture

Generator Features

  • Totally Enclosed, self-ventilated, forced lubricated.
  • Cylindrical rotor.
  • Synchronous alternator.
  • Air cooled, Hydrogen cooled, or hydrogen/water cooled.
  • Static exciter.

Turbine and Generator Auxiliaries

  • Combined Lube Oil and Seal Oil System comprised of the following skids:
    - Lube Oil Tank Skid,
    - Lube Oil Purifier Skid,
    - Lube Oil Filter Skid,
    - Lube Oil Cooler Skid(s);
    - Generator Shaft Seal Oil Skid;
    - Jacking Oil Pump Skid (not required for all applications.)
  • Electro Hydraulic Power Skid.
  • Generator Hydrogen Control Skid (not required for all applications.)
  • Gland Steam Condenser.